Abs Without Ever Doing Crunches

Now I know that personally I would never want a six pack, I just like a flat, tight, slightly defined tummy. Most people rely on crunches to give themselves decent looking abs, but do yourself a favor and drop crunches, reverse crunches, sit-ups, machine crunches and other spine-crushing movements out of your routine. Crunches are terrible for the spinal cord and your posture, so let’s read on about a better way for toning our abs.

[The ideal toned, tight and slightly defined stomachs! Why none other but the lovely Miranda, Alessandra and Marisa!]

Crunches Will Give You Okay Looking Abs
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Joanna Krupa – Model Diet & Fitness

If you have never heard of Joanna Krupa, she is currently gracing billboards nationwide for the hot fashion brand Ed Hardy Swimwear, as well as Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie. She has been voted the Sexiest Top Model In The World – and it’s no wonder why because her body is lovely! Joanna is among the few actresses and models that actually admits eating right and staying in shape is very difficult. So let’s read on about how this girl keeps maintains her camera-ready physique.

[Joanna Krupa posing for an Ed Hardy Swimwear Campaign.]

Joanna Likes Variation With Her Training
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A Stripper’s Diet & Fitness Regime

Okay so I thought I would do a post on strippers because they have hot bodies and I thought it would be interesting to read about how they stay in shape. I also wanted to do this post because in this case, the stripper actually mentions that when she works out, she works out hard and strong. Proof that to be hot you need to be strong,  and also that using weights will not make you bulky. So let’s continue reading…

[First, an image of a very toned but lean glamour model – Krystal Forscutt. I know she is not actually a stripper but “glamour model body”/stripper body, same difference. They both have fit bodies!]

Where I Found This Article
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Get Effortlessly Sexy Beach Hair

Wavy, salty, beach hair is super sexy and a perfect hairstyle for hanging out during the day or lounging around at night. Although it seems the only way to achieve the beach hair look is to actually go to the beach, well that’s not exactly true. Here’s a guide for all hair types to get wavy, sexy beach hair during summer days.

[Effortless sexy beach hair is the ultimate summer look for a casual daytime or nighttime style.]

If You Have Thick, Curly Or Wavy Hair
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Marisa Miller Body – Diet & Fitness Regime

Marisa Miller has one of the best skinny fit bodies I have ever laid eyes upon! She has a great body and she works hard to keep her body in tip top shape. Marisa understands that intensity is the key ingredient to torching her body fat and ultimately the secret to keeping her body fat percentage so low and lean. Here are some tips about how Marisa sculpts her amazing body!

[Marisa is consistent with her fitness and diet, she knows what works for her and sticks with it.]

“Working Out Is Not A Luxury, It’s A Necessity.”
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A Turbulence Training Body Weight Work Out

This is a workout from Phase 1 of the 6-Month Bodyweight Workout. These 3 workouts are meant to be done 3 times out of the week with one rest day in between, although for maximum results you could do HIIT on your off days. You should follow this workout program for 4 weeks, and then switch up your workouts. You always want to keep switching up your exercise otherwise your body will get used to the same movements and stop producing results. If you use this program, let me know how it works for you!

[These workouts are meant to burn fat all over your entire body while simultaneously toning and building lean muscle. If you follow these workouts coupled with a clean diet, you will be on the road to getting a Victoria’s Secret body!]

Many Of These Exercises You May Not Know How To Do
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Body Obsessed – Where Do We Draw The Line?

These days it seems we are overloaded with images and news articles about celebrities and their bodies. How much weight they lose, how much weight they gain, how much cellulite they have, the drastic steps they take to lose so much weight. Sometimes it’s easy to ignore these absurd stories and focus on reality. Although at other times, negative thoughts might start to enter our brains and suddenly we are not so happy with our own bodies anymore. An obsession could start and pretty soon we are hating our bodies and only focusing on our imperfections. So how can we stop obsessing, and where do we draw the line?

[It’s easy to become self-absorbed and introspective when there’s nothing else to do or think about.  But if your life is rewarding and if you’re busy doing something worthwhile, matters like appearance start to take more of a back-seat and you will learn to be healthy while naturally get the body you want.]

When You Look In The Mirror, Do You Like What You See?
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