Turbulence Training – The Most Efficient Fat Loss Program?

June 23, 2009 at 10:23 pm 1 comment

If you have heard of Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne, then I am sure you know how efficient it really is. I discovered Turbulence Training about a year ago and I have been using the work outs every since. They are short, effective, intense and transform my body quicker than I could ever of imagined. The best part is there is there is no gym required, the workouts are no longer than 20 minutes, and the only equipment you need are some dumbbells and your own body weight, that’s it!

[Craig Ballantyne, and his dog Bally, with six pack abs sculpted by Turbulence Training.]

How Can Someone Get a Complete Workout in That Short of Time?
Most people don’t know it, but you can get a full fat burning workout done in just minutes. The great thing about resistance training and interval training is that they are efficient. You can get a lot of results with just a small amount of volume, provided you work hard and intensely. Also, if you use “non-competing” supersets, like the ones in Turbulence Training, you can cut your resistance training session in half. And finally, interval training has been shown to help people lose more belly fat in half the workout time of a regular cardio program.

But Wouldn’t Longer Still Be Better?

Before we even get to exercise, we have to make one thing clear, and that is, “Diet is more important for fat loss than exercise”. That’s why you can have someone with a good fat burning diet who works out just 10 minutes per day get more results than someone who works out 2 hours per day but has a terrible fat burning diet. As for exercise, you have to remember that the whole point of a workout is to stimulate the body to respond by burning fat, or building muscle, or improving cardiovascular fitness, or all three. The art of designing workouts is about getting the maximum response with the least amount of exercise.

Most people overdo it. They end up with redundant exercises, doing extra repetitions that aren’t needed because the muscles already have been stimulated enough. So they are just wasting their time. And what’s worse, is not only does excessive exercise not add to results, but it can lead to overuse injuries. That’s why runners and high-volume bodybuilders are hurt so much. Too much stress on the muscles and joints by doing the same thing over and over and over again.

Will Such a Basic Workout Work for Me?

Let’s define what “works” means, if you want to lose fat and get lean, it will work for you. If you want to bench press 400 pounds, no it won’t. If you want to step on stage as a fitness competitor, than no, you’ll need something extra as well. But if you want to lose that last 10 pounds and be able to see your six pack, then yes it will work. It depends on your goals, and in this case I think most women’s goals are to achieve the “Victoria’s Secret Body”, so Turbulence Training will definitely produce lean and sexy results, provided there is a good diet to go along with the exercise.

Here Is A Sample TT Body-weight Circuit
Bodyweight Warm-up Circuit 2x’s (this should take you less than 5 minutes)
– Bodyweight Squat – 10 reps
– Plank – 20 seconds
– Pushup or Kneeling Pushup – 6 reps

Beginner Workout A
1A) Lying Hip Extension (8 reps)
no rest – go directly to:
1B) Plank (15 seconds)
Rest 30 seconds.
Repeat this cycle 2 more times for a total of 3 supersets.
2A) Prisoner Squat (12 reps)
no rest – go directly to:
2B) Bird Dog (5 reps)
Rest 30 seconds.
Repeat this cycle 2 more times for a total of 3 supersets.
3A) Kneeling Pushup (8 reps)
no rest – go directly to:
3B) Side Plank (5 seconds)
Rest 30 seconds.
Repeat this cycle 2 more times for a total of 3 supersets.
4A) Band Pull (15 reps)
no rest – go directly to:
4B) Ab Curl-up (15 reps)
Rest 30 seconds.
Repeat this cycle 2 more times for a total of 3 supersets.

Beginner Workout B
1A) Bodyweight Step-ups (3×8) 2-0-1
1B) Stick-up (3×8) 2-1-2
2A) Split Squat with Front Foot Elevated (3×8)  2-0-1
2B) Kneeling Close-grip Push-up (3×8) 3-0-1
3A) Bicycle Crunch (3×20) 2-0-1
3B) 1-leg Hip Extension (3×8) 2-0-1

Craig Ballantyne Demonstrates Circuits

Here Is An Overview of Two Weeks With TT And HIIT
Monday – Workout A
Tuesday – HIIT
Wednesday – Workout B
Thursday – HIIT
Friday – Workout A
Saturday – HIIT
Sunday –  Rest

Monday – Workout B
Tuesday – HIIT
Wednesday – Workout A
Thursday – HIIT
Friday – Workout B
Saturday – HIIT
Sunday – Rest

Bodyweight Circuits + HIIT + Clean Diet = Sexy Body

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  • 1. Six Pack Workout  |  September 9, 2009 at 12:39 pm

    I’ve always believed that compound exercises done circuit training style in conjunction with HIIT melts fat away like nothing else. Glad someone else agrees.


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