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If you have never heard of Joanna Krupa, she is currently gracing billboards nationwide for the hot fashion brand Ed Hardy Swimwear, as well as Frederick’s of Hollywood lingerie. She has been voted the Sexiest Top Model In The World – and it’s no wonder why because her body is lovely! Joanna is among the few actresses and models that actually admits eating right and staying in shape is very difficult. So let’s read on about how this girl keeps maintains her camera-ready physique.

[Joanna Krupa posing for an Ed Hardy Swimwear Campaign.]

Joanna Likes Variation With Her Training

When I’m at home, I go to a women’s gym and take a variety of classes. I go at least three or four times a week and take hour classes like kick boxing, step class, core training, yoga and Pilates. I like classes that not only work all your body parts, but are fun. I also love to take my dogs hiking.

If you are one who gets bored easily with the same old routine and feel like the only way to be fit is to be bored. Well take a cue from Joanna and mix things up a bit. If you do body-weight training and you are getting a bit bored, then take the training outside! Go to the park, or if you live near a beach then do your training right on the beach. Do whatever makes your training less dreadful because staying lean for a lifetime means being able to keep up a routine. But if you dread doing something, it will make it difficult to keep it up.

Joanna Works Her Core 3x Per Week

I have a problem with bloating, so I do core work at least three times a week. I don’t need a six-pack, I just want to keep myself in shape.

Now if you use body-weight circuits to train, you will never have to worry about training your core specifically. The reason body-weight circuits are effective is because they efficiently work your whole body, mainly your abs (core)! But if you want to do a little extra core work after your workouts or at night before bed, here is an effective ab workout that will blitz your abs more than you thought was possible!

Effective Plank Workout
2 minutes plank
2 minutes right side plank
2 minutes left side plank
2 minutes plank on a stability ball

“You Have To Be Really Strict About Your Diet.”

You can’t pig out before a shoot. It’s hard if you’re the type of person who doesn’t have a very fast metabolism – and I would be in that category. You have to be really strict about your diet and the way you take care of your skin. There’s constant pressure. Maybe one day you’re not feeling that great, but you have to make it come out on camera that you are. It’s not as easy as a lot of people think; there’s a lot of hard work involved.

Joanna understands that it is her job to be in the best shape of her life, and for that to happen she simply cannot afford to screw up her diet.

I try to eat more protein than carbs. Breakfast is a protein shake, lunch is a chicken salad and dinner is usually a chicken breast and vegetables. But I have to have a filet once in awhile, with some potatoes

She Indulges On “Good” Bad Foods

If you’re going to have carbs, pick the low-carb stuff. And satisfy your sweet tooth with sugar-free sweets. When I’m being strict, sugar-free jello is a perfect way to handle my sweet tooth.

Even when she wants a treat, she makes sure not to do too much damage. And once in a blue moon she will have a really bad “bad food”.

Have you ever had a chocolate volcano? It looks like a souffle, but inside it has hot melted chocolate fudge. As soon as you cut into it, the fudgy chocolate oozes out of it. It has a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top and raspberries around the edge.

You Can Never Out-Train A Bad Diet

I really watch what I eat, because I find if I put on too much weight, just working out doesn’t do the trick.

Bottom line, you could have the best training routine in the world, but if your diet is not in check – you will just be spinning your wheels! Hope you enjoyed reading about how Joanna Krupa maintains her top model body!

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